Branding & Corporate Identity Design

Your corporate identity is a memorable statement impacting all aspects of your business. It plays an essential role in your customer's overall experience with your organization. Your brand is the essence of your company product and/or service as your customers buy your products and services based on it.

At Redhead we work with businesses to create a brand identity to help them standout in a crowded marketplace. Our creative team builds impressionable identities to get your company noticed in a positive way by your most important audiences--your customers and employees.

A logo is important as the beginning of your branding effort. It’s a graphic used as a mark that illustrates the intention or culture of a service or product. Logos help companies communicate their image and make it easier to gain buyer recognition. It is the graphic "link" to the message that your brand promises and communicates and the relationship you can develop between your brand and your customers.

Further establish your identity by implementing your company logo on all your correspondence. Stationary is important in ensuring that your customers regard your business as professional. By building a stationary package to include items such as business cards, letterhead, and envelopes it enforces your corporate identity.